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Actually the older Platine I still have left was unworkable as well and this
is my first use of Cot 320 so I have no older samples of that.

FO was made fresh and always distilled.  When you say 'they hang to dry' who
does that?  I assume you mean drying the sensitizer.  That's why I am
testing the different set times after coating but I'm not air drying, just
using a cool setting on the hair dryer which is fairly cool air and at this
point only allowing the sensitizer to sit for a maximum of 5 minutes.

I was thinking the same thing re:sizing but Platine's similar failure
overrode that thought and made me think that something else is afoot.  I'll
also be talking to Bergger re:rejecting this paper as your point makes

Did you mean FO when you said, 'With freshly made batch of Pot Ox'?

The only thing different that I did in mixing the FO is I used .4gms of
chlorate for #2 instead of the usual .6 that is recommended for Pd as when
these jobs started they were going to be Pd/Pt prints.  Client decided he
liked the warmth of Pd and warm pot. oxalate and those prints worked out
ok-ish with no solarization on Cot 320, but some unevenness issues creeping
in here and there creating lots of reject prints.

Now I'm working on another client's work (with the images I've been posting)
using the same techniques as before except now I'm using ammonium citrate
for cooler tones.

Re:Mark's comment on humidity; there may be less humidity here now than
during my earlier printing sessions which were early this month.  It just
seems weird to need a humidifier in what is basically a basement, but I'm
going to try running my evaporative humidifier before my next set of tests.

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If it were me, I'd find an old friendly batch piece that was keep around
that used to work fine. I'd start small and use the chemistry like I always
had before on it. If it works fine then the papers that you are now using
would be suspect #1 and 2. If you have a failure with that, look to your
mixing. Distilled? FO fresh? came from ?

With freshly made batch of Pot Ox try the same. Paper fiber might be an
issue with soaking too long. I read here that they hang to dry, but I have
only notice more paper fiber coming into the picture that way.

A circular pattern indicates a bad sizing to me, especially if the circle
has smaller global regions attached.  I'd reject the paper.

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