[alt-photo] Re: An interesting paper on gum printing

Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Thu Oct 6 18:17:38 GMT 2011

Hi Dick,

Thanks for this. I have the Miller info from the original, so it is nice to see this here, thanks for the URL!

I do have a lot of the old gum stuff photographed and pdfed and after I finish the Exp revision and then the Alt revision and then the gum book I will figure out a way to post the copyright-free ones online.

However, nowadays a lot of that stuff is now available on google scholar or books.google. Except the BJP, only occasional volumes are. My desire would be to have a complete index of all BJP since its inception available as a search somewhere. Until then, I have to go decade by decade on microfilm, which I am doing again now, for the second time. You start to get to know the characters and arguments pretty well, and feel sad when their obituaries are announced!

In fact, it is shocking that today I can take an entire document from another language and in a millisecond translate it into English in Google translate. Do you know how much money in German gum translation that would have saved me??? Of course it's not perfect, but for my purposes, it is a general idea of the information I need, not a perfect translation.

Really blows me away.


PS Now that Katherine, may her soul rest in peace, and Judy are no longer posting, the gum discussions have dropped to a  dull or non-existent roar.

Christina Z. Anderson

On Sep 29, 2011, at 8:36 AM, Richard Sullivan wrote:

> Christina,
> Take a look and let me know if anything of interest there. I haven't made a
> gum print since the mid 70's so I am a little rusty at it. I know you folks
> here have had some intense discussions about gum that I have unfortunately
> not followed.
> And:
> Where is Judy, I don't see her here??? 
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> --Dick Sullivan
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