[alt-photo] Re: Alt-photo-process-list Digest, Vol 503, Issue 1

Alberto Novo alt.list at albertonovo.it
Fri Oct 7 07:10:07 GMT 2011


> I'll definitely skip the rinse after development then.
> I surmised that since the acid bath becomes so 'polluted' after running a
> few prints through it without rinsing, that a rinse would extend the life of
> the acid bath and thereby clearing would proceed more easily.  I did wonder
> if the carry over was an important component of the process.
> I'd rather have to replace the citric bath more frequently than have to
> acidify the wash esp. since I tend to have multiple prints going through the
> process at any given time.

I don'print platinum but I have printed kallitypes. Chemically speaking, 
they are the same process. My practice was to clear in two 3% citric acid 
baths, throwing part of the first and replenishing with the second. Citric 
acid is almost inexpensive, and this helps to have an ever fresh second 


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