[alt-photo] Re: gumprints

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Sun Oct 9 11:31:48 GMT 2011


Doesn't the Fusion 4000 product have a manual and/or MSDS?

Removal: I think that is pretty time & temperature dependant; you
should be able to find some recommendations about what temperature and
time you should use to undo the bound - w/o harming the artwork.
(Manual / instructions / product sheet...)

Fumes: I don't think the product gives off toxic / harmful fumes upon
heating, since that's how it's used. (MSDS...)


2011/10/9 Drs. G. Hoekstra <ghoekstra at solcon.nl>:
> Dear Jalo,
> I have read his article and understood that he is using thin aluminium. But
> if you remove the paper with the Fusion 4000 tissue it makes no difference
> if the aluminium is thick or thin.
> It might be easier to register the prints if you have a system for punching
> the plates though. My problem is that I have difficulty removing the paper
> after having used Fusion 4000 and I wonder if
> there are health issues if you reheat the paper for removal because of the
> fumes.

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