[alt-photo] some success with casein print

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 23:27:15 GMT 2011

The new fresh mix of curd and ammonia with saturated potassium 
dichromate and Sienna natural colour gave
this, which shows (if you look very hard) a basket and some brick wall 
taken with Holga and Tmax 100. As the Sienna isn't dark, also the 
contrast is very low. The watercolour paper is not the best, it's 
Daler-Rowney paper from an A3 block, all I could find from a nearby art 
supplier. The texture loses all the small details, same happens very 
often with cyanos made with this paper.
Also there are lines from uneven coating. Always use fresh curd is the 
lesson learned. I'll try tomorrow the same image with darker colour, 
Patent grey, which I still have a little. We went today to a town, where 
there supposedly is a bigger art supplier, but it was closed. Should 
have been open, but not even a notice why it was closed.

The exposure was 45 min. Don't know why so long. Temperaprints I've 
tried are 10-20 mins. I don't know the pH of our tap water, as I live in 
a rural area, we get water from a 100 m deep drilled well. That may have 
something to do. Dichromate I mixed with sterilized water, all the 
pharmacy had and don't know how pure it is. In the automotive shops they 
sell purified water for car batteries, but didn't have enough for mixing 
dichromate and diluting 10% ammonia for 1% solution.

here's the link http://www.mattikoskinenphoto.com/casein1.jpg


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