[alt-photo] success

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 14:28:53 GMT 2011

I made with Patent Grey one print and used transparency, 7 min exposure, 
and all went well. So using oiled paper neg, the 45 min is about 
correct. Just made a test with old transparency, probably made for 
cyano, but it looks quite contrasty and the print came out almost only 
blacks and whites. The coating was very delicate. Very, very lightly 
brushing with super soft brush developed the print. Spraying could have 
removed everything. There are white streaks in the direction of brushing 
the mixture, so the developing didn't leave any marks in the direction 
of the light brushing. The paper was gessoed without diluting the gesso, 
as I spreaded gesso to other papers too to test temperaprints. Also the 
casein coating was much thinner than earlier. Need to improve a lot of 
my coating technique.

I coated two papers with casein, and now I'm going to try with a really 
low contrast transparency neg.


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