[alt-photo] Best Method for Bonding Paper to Aluminum and Similar Rigid Surfaces

Francesco Fragomeni fdfragomeni at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 20:56:05 GMT 2011

Hi all. I'll be working with some multiple printing techniques coming up
soon and I wondering what the best methods are for gluing paper to aluminum
sheet (or perspex or acrylic sheet and other rigid surfaces). I posted this
question on APUG.org and a member messaged me and recommended that I join
this group and ask here. I've also searched the group archives but haven't
been unable to find much in detail on this (addmitedly I'm not familiar with
searching list archives).

I have lots of information referring to Irving Penn bonding paper to
aluminum sheet using a few different materials. Also, I've watched the
videos on Vedos where they show a gum bichromate printer using diluted PVAc
adhesive. The problem with these videos is that they dont give any insight
into how to properly remove the paper from the aluminum sheet when the
printing is done.

For those using PVAc adhesive to bond paper to aluminum, how do you go about
seperating the paper from the aluminum when you are done printing?

If not using PVAc adhesive, what adhesive are you using?

I've read that one of the Penn techniques was to drymount the paper to the
aluminum sheet in a dry mount press which could then be seperated from the
aluminum sheet when he was done by reheating it in the press. Thoughts on
this? Fusion 4000 and Beva have been recomended to me on APUG.org as
archival bonding materials that can be used with a dry mounting press. Do
any of you have experiences with these?

Are those of you who are using these bonding techniques using aluminum or
other rigid materials? I am in need of a rigid material that I can punch for
registration purposes and aluminum seems the best option so far. Any

Thank you in advance for your help!

Francesco Fragomeni

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