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MArk, Mark, Marc.... Yes, way back before the internet and knowing that I
had a more unique spelling of my name I felt safe. Then, the kid across the
street was named Eric Nielsen. At the tender age of 4 I knew I was in
trouble. I hadn't even started to think about it for at least... oh two
years, when starting school I ran into a dave nelson. I had a brother dave.
Well Whole &*+^it batman. Years of playing in symphony and rarely have my
name spelled correctly I got used to it. Then along comes the internet and
people hear one way and spell another and even though I was in Taos, and now
Dallas, TX, I know that Eric Ne..... is bound to get confused with me. Hell
even here in Dallas, one delivery was made to another Eric Nielsen. After a
week he finally realize that ink wasn't his. : ( 

So what's the question? 

Eric Neilsen
Eric Neilsen Photography
4101 Commerce Street, Suite 9
Dallas, TX 75226
skype me with ejprinter
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Mark you're thinking of my 'partner in crime' Eric Neilsen.  You're not the
first or last to get us mixed up.

Years ago before the internet, when I heard there was someone with nearly
the same name as myself doing the same type of alt work as me, I decided we
should definitely meet up on my then yearly trip to the southwest.  We've
stayed connected ever since.

So to answer your question, Eric is in Texas and I'm in Chicago.

Eric Nelson

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Eric, I thought you were in Texas?  Where in Chicago?

Mark Nelson
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On Sep 3, 2011, at 11:05 AM, eric nelson <emanphoto at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was in your position last week looking to see what papers work nowadays.
> I tried 3 different papers of recent manufacture and 2 of them failed.
> Using the traditional pt/pd printing formula, tube coating w/1 coat,
> Platine came up blotchy. 12FO and 12 Pt/pd drops were used using an 8"
> Same method was used on Revere with even results, but a somewhat weaker
> looking print compared to Cot320 which is the paper that did work for me.
> Perhaps more sensitizer would help/cure the issue but since Cot320 works
> and I'd put 4 days into testing already, I was done.
> I used to use Platine exclusively w/great success but it's been years
> I've been able to re-create that with that paper.  Cot320 works for me so
> that's what I'll be using.
> Contact Bergger directly and whatever they have in stock will be listed on
> their site.  I was able to get 20x24 shipped in less than 2 days.  Then
> again I'm in Chicago so it didn't have far to travel. :)
> Eric
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