[alt-photo] Densitometer (was: an alternative to alternative)

Dave S (fotodave) fotodave at dsoemarko.us
Sun Apr 1 01:49:54 GMT 2012

I don't remember the model numbers, but in short, you want transmittance
measurement (most densitometers do) and color mode (because you are
interested in blue density). Reflective measurement would be nice too but
not absolutely necessary.


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I have just attended a PDN workshop by Mark Nelson.  He used an x-Rite
densitometer, which was much faster and more accurate than scanning,
averaging, and measuring 0-255 Photoshop zones.

I have googled used X-Rite densitometers and found many on the market,
especially Ebay, but I'm totally confused about what the model is that I
need to use for PDN.

Can anyone out there help me? 

amackellar at qx.net 

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