[alt-photo] Re: an alternative to alternative

Diana Bloomfield dhbloomfield at bellsouth.net
Sun Apr 1 20:39:18 GMT 2012

Hi Bob,

No-- you make perfect sense.  I agree.  Of course, I also think that  
we shouldn't allow gallery owners (what will sell), or grants panels  
(what they typically like to reward with their $$$)-- and a whole host  
of other influences-- change our vision, either.  Too often, I  do see  
that happen.

Anyway, I'm impressed that you can write so coherently while on  
painkillers.  My next door neighbor had hip replacement surgery a few  
months ago.  She recovered in remarkably short order.  I'd seen her  
about a week before she had it, and she was barely getting around.  A  
few days out of the surgery, she was walking around really really  
well.  Seems to be an amazing surgery.  All the best with your recovery.

On Apr 1, 2012, at 3:36 PM, KISS BOB wrote:

>     I think we agree on everything.  I was pointing out two  
> different things:
> 1) I was refuting the suggestion (not yours, that of the  
> aforementioned gallery owner) that people who buy photo prints don't  
> care about the print medium.
> 2) I was pointing out that the gallery owner who shows some of my  
> prints agrees with us...EDUCATION is 90% of selling prints, once a  
> viewer has expressed interest.
>     I agree with you completely and would never suggest that we  
> should not invite the PAL to see our work and, with education, turn  
> as many as possible into savvy collectors.  But we must NOT allow  
> the PAL to influence the medium in which we express our vision.  We  
> must do creatively what we must do and hope that our audience will  
> continue to buy while evangelising our beloved media to the PAL.
> *****Please note that I am recovering from total left hip  
> replacement two weeks ago and still taking strong painkillers.  If I  
> make less sense than usual, please forgive me.  Who knows, perhaps I  
> make MORE sense while taking these things!  ;-))
>               CHEERS!
>                  BOB

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