[alt-photo] Re: an alternative to alternative

Alberto Novo alt.list at albertonovo.it
Mon Apr 2 05:51:03 GMT 2012


> The question: is what term are you using, or does "alt" continue to be sufficient? 

Here in Italy we us also "Antiche tecniche", notwithstanding Photography 
could not be really defined "antique", and some techniques are quite recent 
(for example, temperaprint). I am used to use also "historical techniques".
In the statute of Rodolfo Namias Group have tried to give a more complex 
definition, like "photographic processes both historical and alternative to 
industrial and mass ones, from which they differ in the predominant 
component of craftsmanship that characterize them". 

I know that the German group similar to GRN is using "Edeldruckwehrfaren", 
that may be translated in "noble print" (any German people could correct 


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