[alt-photo] floriade/tricolor gum-breaking the rules

henk thijs henk.thijs at hetnet.nl
Tue Apr 3 13:01:59 GMT 2012

Dear List,
Tomorrow the dutch queen Beatrix will open a major event in the netherlands: every 10 years a world horticulture expo is held in another city in the Netherlands, this time Venlo.


The Limburgs Museum in this town organized in this respect a photo-exhibition; they invited 15 photographers to participate with three images.
I was one of them.
I made three tri-color prints, and after that i received a note that they expect a digital image in order to produce a 90x70 cm print on dibond.


So i scanned my images and after that i started a process what i would call : breaking the rules.
With Photoshop i used the original image with the scanned tricolor gumprint in order to work out color, details  etc.
Thinking of the discussions of the last weeks about 'alternative' , this is obviously 'not done' in alt.
After the experience of doing what i did, i think we should discuss first some principal matters.
When starting alt, in the real beginning of 'the list', i think for all participants it was clear that the most important thing was the image as such, and that the means of alt could give some extra to the final result. In that respect  i like to use several ways of trying to make the final result better, also the use of digital, not only for making the negative.
Spending such amount of hours, money, failures etc. to produce  a bromoil or a gum print for an image 'from the shelf', not for me. Only the pictures i still  like after a certain time, i will choose to make some alt-process.
In the discussions lately about 'alternative' i got the impression that alt-process as such was the main goal.

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