[alt-photo] No more scanning at Walmart

Globe Trotteur unglobetrotteur at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 3 13:12:02 GMT 2012

Well, last night I went to my nearest walmart to have my Kodak Porta film scanned. I like the walmart scanning on their fuji frontier. A lot better than my Sony scanner because they have dust removal too.Well, I found out that they went completely dry last month. No more Frontier. They just have kiosks and inket printers. (Fuji brand I think)I have 5 walmart in my town and this one was the last one to process film. That's over now.What puzzles me is now they sell inkjet prints at the same price of a silver print.That means that people's memory printed today may be gone 30 years from now. What is going to be the longivity of a Walmart inkjet print in 30 years.I know that people use digital now and keep photos on their phones and hard drive. what about in 30 years. Where are going to be the phone photos or the hard drive photos... I am just pondering Pierre-Olivier

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