[alt-photo] Re: Travelling to NY

Willen, Matthew S willenm at etown.edu
Fri Apr 13 20:57:56 GMT 2012

You should be sure to head over to Aperture on West 27th Street. While not
alt work, the Shared Vision exhibit is certainly work from one of the most
impressive collections of photography in the city. Great bookstore there
as well, and several other fine galleries in the neighborhood.

On 4/13/12 1:14 AM, "Bruce" <steelbar at shaw.ca> wrote:

>Hi All
>I am travelling to New York for the first time between April 18 and 26th.
>Does anyone one know of any "must see" things related to Alt photo. I am
>planning to go to the main galleries(Moma,Guggenheim,Frick), but is there
>smaller galleries I should see? Is there any alt photo exhibits on during
>that time that people would recommend? We have a limited time so any
>suggestions from New Yorkers would be appreciated.
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