[alt-photo] Re: instant films (specifically Fuji fp-3000b)

Francesco Fragomeni fdfragomeni at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 23:16:04 GMT 2012

Bob, I'm surprised they're still listing it. Everyone I know who has
ordered it says they can't get it from almost anywhere. Also, both Calumet
and B&H are notorious for listing products as available that are actually
long since backordered. Either way, I don't use the 4x5 variant as I prefer
the 3x4 so I don't really know in this case.

Ryuji, yes that is the process for the FP100C. Clorox Cloro-gel is the best
that I know of for removing the backing. I've seen prints made in an
enlarger from the FP100B neg recoveries as well. FP3000B is an entirely
different design then the 100C and 100B variants. There is no film layer,
only paper and the recovery method that works on the 100C and 100B does not
work on 3000B. The "negative" side of the 3000B is in fact a negative image
so scanning as a transparency probably wouldn't be ideal seeing as
transparency is typically used to refer to a film positive. Everyone I know
scans as film negatives in both cases of 100C and 100B for optimum results
(most that I know are using the Epson V750 Pro and Silverfast). As far as I
know, the 3000B negative would be optimally scanned as a print rather then
as a neg since it is not transparent and then you'll invert it to positive
later. I prefer to just scan the prints themselves.


On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 3:53 PM, Ryuji Suzuki <rs at silvergrain.org> wrote:

> So I saw discussion that people remove the black back coating of FP-100C
> with chlorine bleach and scan the negative as transparent material. I
> thought FP-3000B could do the same except the film base is not clear
> transparent but translucent enough to allow scanning in transparency mode.
> Now if I read what you said correctly, one can scan the negative part of
> the peel apart film as-is, as a reflection material... that sounds
> interesting.
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> Ryuji Suzuki
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> Francesco Fragomeni wrote:
>> FP3000B on the other hand does not produce a
>> film negative but rather a paper negative requiring no salvage technique
>> to
>> make use of. The paper neg looks to be of low contrast but is actually
>> quite scanable and I've heard of paper-neg practitioners actually printing
>> through them although I've never tried that.
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