[alt-photo] free photo chems in Portland Oregon

Charles Ryberg cryberg at comcast.net
Sun Dec 2 22:01:42 GMT 2012

  Friends;  I've been cleaning out my storage room and have a wine case box 
full of photo chemicals which I would like to give away.  You have to pick 
it up in Portland Oregon by December 12.  You have to take the whole box, 
even though some of the chemicals are almost certainly no good.  You have to 
agree to dispose of any unwanted items responsibly--which probably means a 
trip to the toxic waste site.  I've listed them in three groups--those I am 
pretty certain are still good, those probably still good, and those probably 
not good.  Amounts are approximate.

Contact me OFFLIST!!!  When (if) someone takes them I'll post to the list, 
but everything else is OFFLIST.  Also, please don't ask me to ship these--it 
would be easier for me to take them to the toxic disposal site than to pack 
them up and get them shipped.

I sure hope someone out there wants these.

Pretty sure these are good:
5 lbs potassium permanganate
16 oz potassium metaborate
16 oz copper sulfate
2 lbs Root Cleaner  (99% copper sulfate)
16 oz hydroquinone
pkg to make 1 gallon Aristadol B&W paper developer
100 grams potassium ferrocyanide   NOTE the ferrO, not ferrI
1 qt Kodak rapid selenium toner
125 ml Agfa Viradon brown toner
6 oz Kodak Indicator Stop Bath

Probably good:
50 ml pinacryptol Yellow
1 lb Chrome Alum--pretty old, but surely it doesn't spoil
2 lbs Thiocarbamide (Thioaurea)

Probably not good:
1 oz Benzotriazole  white colored crystals
8 oz Pyrokatechin   light brown crystals
1 oz Phenodone  orange powder
100 grams Glycin black powder 

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