[alt-photo] Re: Dmax for silver paper

Ryuji Suzuki rs at silvergrain.org
Fri Jan 13 21:52:41 GMT 2012

The Dmax is limited mostly by the surface texture. If you control light 
scattering at or near the surface of the print, good paper-developer combination 
should give you 2 to 2.4 range (glossy is best). However, if these things are 
not controlled well, Dmax reading of 1.5 is not surprising, especially with 
matte surface.

Just like what Apple did to their screens, glossy surface gives you the best 
result if you can avoid reflection/glare. In less ideal conditions, semi-matte 
may look better, but you suffer the tone in the very dark area.

Ryuji Suzuki
"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." (Miles Davis)

Globe Trotteur wrote:
> Does any body knows which silver paper gives the highest dmax? (fibre or RC)The latest ilford multigrade art 300 paper gives me a 1.5 Dmax (measure by my X-rite 810).From what i understand, the higher the dmax, the more shades of gray you get.I read that the highest Dmax a silver paper can give is 2.2. Is that true?Thanks.Pierre

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