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Yes, indeed the paper is matte.I am trying to find out which brand gives the highest dmax..So i guess i should look into glossyThanks for the reply.
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> The Dmax is limited mostly by the surface texture. If you control light 
> scattering at or near the surface of the print, good paper-developer combination 
> should give you 2 to 2.4 range (glossy is best). However, if these things are 
> not controlled well, Dmax reading of 1.5 is not surprising, especially with 
> matte surface.
> Just like what Apple did to their screens, glossy surface gives you the best 
> result if you can avoid reflection/glare. In less ideal conditions, semi-matte 
> may look better, but you suffer the tone in the very dark area.
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> Globe Trotteur wrote:
> > Does any body knows which silver paper gives the highest dmax? (fibre or RC)The latest ilford multigrade art 300 paper gives me a 1.5 Dmax (measure by my X-rite 810).From what i understand, the higher the dmax, the more shades of gray you get.I read that the highest Dmax a silver paper can give is 2.2. Is that true?Thanks.Pierre
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