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> Guys, thanks for all the feedback. I have cleaned my arkay 
> dryer with simichrome as mentionned. I had some in the 
> garage for my motorcycle and i did not even know the name. 
> The plate are really shiny now. Do i need to clean the 
> plate between prints every time?I will try to order some 
> oriental seagull FB glossy paper to test it.I assume that 
> you can use a ferrotype dryer with FB glossy and it does 
> not have to be RC.I will start with a soaked print in 
> photoflo, squeegee it onto my cold plate and start with a 
> little bit of heat to help the process.Do i have to close 
> back the dryer with the canvas or can i just leave the 
> print on the dryer by itself? Then, we'll see what I 
> get.It may be a couple of weeks before I go back in the 
> darkroomThanks.Pierre
     Once the plate is polished it needs only to be cleaned 
off after use. Wiping with plain water will do. You can dry 
with the canvas open if you like. Its there mainly for 
drying matte surface prints. Let us know what happens.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles
dickburk at ix.netcom.com 

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