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C.Breukel at lumc.nl C.Breukel at lumc.nl
Fri Jul 6 08:36:42 GMT 2012

Welcome back, Harald !

I for sure remember you! I have been using your ABC+ Pyro formula in the past in a Jobo. I have to admit though that I switched to PyrocatHD later because it gave a much lower B+F in my hands.

I also abandoned PyrocatHD for plain Xtol. My work routine was to process my 8*10 negatives in a Pyro developer so it could both function as a negative for silver gelatin and alt printing such as Pt.

Somehow this did not work as I wanted; it stayed a bit of a compromise. Also developing in Pyro is finicky in my hands, sometimes I got strange streaks etc.

Lately I just process my 8*10 in Xtol, and than sometimes decide I would like to print that image in say Pt I will bleach the negative and re-develop in Pyro. This works quite nice.

I am not into heliogravure (occasionally mainly Pt sometimes gum and wet plate collodion), but I do know that there are practitioners on then list,

Good luck & best,


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> Hello everybody,
> after years I decided to join this list "the list" again to look for some
> news, some well known names and also  new fellows of the "real"
> photographic processes. I was part of it from the beginning ,nearly 20
> years ago, and got so much good information from such precious friends, I
> hope some of you are still here.
> Now that my children are "out of the house", I have more headroom for
> this,
> my passion - the photographic craftmanship ( I simply call it
> heliography).
> It was in the 90ths when I started with platinum printing and other ferric
> processes. It was the time when I "constructed" the ABC+Pyro formula for
> alt-printing negatives (aka Rollo Pyro). I hope some of you still find it
> helpful for their work.
>  I know that in the meantime the digital way of making enlarged negatives
> is prior but nothing can beat a well done 8x10"++ pyro neg.
> In the past years I opened my mind more for the photomechanic process,
> heliogravüre, photogravure etc..
> It´s now my primary activity to find the right perfection to handle these
> processes-together with a project in instant photography (Polaroid/Fuji)
> where I try to isolate the "latent" negatives from the filmpack and use it
> for alternative work, too.
> I hope there is still enough creative and enthusiastic power in this list,
> I will do my best to keep it.
> allthebest
> Harald
> Harald Leban
> Hainburg/Austria
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