[alt-photo] Re: European distributor for Aerosil (fumed silica dioxide)

Kees Brandenburg workshops at polychrome.nl
Thu Mar 1 09:37:34 GMT 2012

Hi Cor,

Do you also have a .nl supplier address?


On 1 mrt. 2012, at 09:58, <C.Breukel at lumc.nl> <C.Breukel at lumc.nl> wrote:

> Thank you Stane,
> It just happens that I will be in Budapest next weekend! Anyway I found a source over here in The Netherlands: when I searched for Aerosil I noticed that it is often used in building polyester boats. A friend of mine with which as I,  is a Large Format Enthusiast (strictly silver gelatin though) has build his own polyester trimaran, so I mailed him, and has a few buckets, so that should be enough to get started..;-)..
> Best,
> Cor

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