[alt-photo] Re: European distributor for Aerosil (fumed silica dioxide)

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Thu Mar 1 10:36:21 GMT 2012

Yes, I saw it thanks. I'm doing as described by Robert Hall @ APUG - I
couldn't find high density foam rollers here.. I think the streaking
can be eliminated by increasing the coating soln. volume by 30 to
maybe 50%, and by making sure to *not over-brush*. (Particularly
quirky for trad. cyanotype; since it doesn't want to get IN the paper
by nature!) I'm sure I'm going to get used to it after some

Will size FA, Masa, Yupo and aluminum with gelatin+silica
fume+formalin mixture later.. (Masa, Yupo and aluminum were
particularly problematic - too slick! - with gum for me.) But I just
want to nail down the optimum parameters for iron / iron-silver
processes first... (I'm going to try coating with a glass rod too...)

Will share the results along with non-treated control prints later.


1 Mart 2012 11:53 tarihinde  <C.Breukel at lumc.nl> yazdı:
> Loris,
> Did you see Dick Sullivan brushing the Fumed Silica in on this video: ?
> http://thecarbonworks.com/blog/?p=380
> (also info at: http://thecarbonworks.com/blog/?p=648 )
> Good luck and keep us updated!
> Best,
> Cor
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>> Info: I have the Aerosil 200 variant. It's the "hydrophilic" version,
>> with a surface area of 200 m2 per g... First trad. cyanotype test
>> (last night) was allright, better dmax, BUT, I still have to find the
>> optimum amnt. of silica fume / coating solution amount per area etc. I
>> got streaking marks, it's harder to apply the solution onto the
>> modified surface... First results are promising though!
>> Regards,
>> Loris.
>> 1 Mart 2012 11:39 tarihinde Kees Brandenburg <workshops at polychrome.nl>
>> yazdı:
>> > found one allready: http://www.polyservice.nl/Aerosil-50-gr-p-16339.html
>> > is the the right stuff?
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