[alt-photo] new cyanotype and paper question

Dianna Rust diannajrust at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 22:55:37 GMT 2012

Dear List

I know this seems to have come up a lot , especially recently, but I don't recall seeing any mention of using Arches Hot Press, natural white, 140 lbs.

I am working with Mike Ware's new cyanotype using Arches Hot Press.   I have been concerned that my highlights are a little pink/beige - maybe a shade darker than the paper base, which is certainly far from bright white.   I like the way the images look - especially compared with either Buxton (fast but very contrasty) or Platine (just too much blue all over), but wonder if there is a problem with clearing and whether the photographs may be fugitive/will deteriorate at some point.  I use a drop or two of citric acid in the emulsion, mixed in just before using it, and I wash my prints, gently, for 20 minutes (well water - no chlorine).

Previously, I had been using Fabriano Aristico and had been very pleased with it, till I switched to a new batch of paper.   I realized that the old paper was at least 15 years old! and the new sheets just didn't produce the same or consistent results.

Does anyone have any advice to offer on this, please?

With apologies for causing repetitions!


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