[alt-photo] Re: new cyanotype and paper question

wendy constantine wendy at feltpixel.com
Mon Mar 12 15:52:04 GMT 2012

Hi Dianna, 

I've had the same issues with several papers using the new cyanotype. Strangely enough, the Arches HP 90 has become my favorite paper to print for this process, while the heavier 140 paper doesn't give quite the same result (tonality flatter, highlights not as clear). 

Like Loris, I've found that adding citric acid (1%) to the wash is essential for clearing, in addition to the 2 drops in the sensitizer. And after lots of trouble with clearing highlights, I now only use distilled water for washes too. Platine and Platinotype do clear beautifully with this process, if you desire brighter blue tonality. I have no explanation for why the heavier Arches HP would affect the print quality, but it has consistently flattened the image for me. 


> Dianna,
> I don't have experience with Arches HP, but *maybe* it's similar to
> Bergger COT 320. IIRC, Bergger COT 320 is (kinda) rebranded Arches
> Platine. If so, develop in bottled drinking water (pH <= 7), and then
> try to clear in mild citric acid (1 dessert spoon into 1000-2000ml)
> and see what happens. My experience with COT 320 and this work flow
> was positive; the paper cleared completely and relatively quickly.
> Hope this helps,
> Loris.

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