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Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Sat Mar 31 14:12:48 GMT 2012

Hi Alan,
I am glad you got to work with Mark closely on PDN!
LOL, Photographer's Formulary...south....LOL. Can't get too much more north than they are :)
I will be bringing casein along to have the students work with for half a day. Who knows, there might be some who prefer its tenacity! The first time I shared casein one of my students did a tricolor in an hour because of short exposure and development times, so it does have its benefits.
One of the things I will be testing over summer is using the original formulas made from milk and ammonia and then comparing to the premixed casein and the powdered stuff. I would like to avoid ammonia fumes if there is no reason to use the original way. As always, user-friendly is my point.
Christina Z. Anderson

On Mar 30, 2012, at 6:27 PM, Alan MacKellar wrote:

> Chris,
> I am happy to know you'll be heading south as far as PF this summer.  I have
> already signed up for a Santa Fe Workshop in Alt. Processes with Christopher
> James.  I just came back from a 3-day workshop in Pt/Pa (really Pa with a
> few drops of NA(2) with Mark Nelson.  I finally think I understand the
> philosophy behind PDN.  The real work is not plugging in numbers.  Mark was
> more interested in getting us to look at tonal ranges than programs.
> Christopher James just looks up at the sun and knows the exposure time.
> I'll have fun.
> Sorry Rene and I will have to miss your workshop.  You have been very busy,
> from looking at your website, and your work is exquisite.  Will you be using
> casein at PF?
> Alan
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> It will be fun to meet you!
> Chris
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> On Mar 30, 2012, at 3:37 PM, John Howington wrote:
>> Christina,
>> Wow, so happy to hear that the 3 gum workshop is a Go this year! I've 
>> signed up for the workshop and am excited to overcome some of my 3 gum 
>> challenges...
>> John Howington
>> On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 9:07 AM, Christina Anderson
> <zphoto at montana.net>wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> Shameless self-promotion:
>>> I will be teaching a gum workshop at Photographer's Formulary this 
>>> summer for anyone interested. It is a go for sure and I have a great 
>>> TA from South Dakota coming to help out, a former student of mine from a
> decade ago!
>>> Should be fun. Bring (some wine and) lots of creative ideas because 
>>> the Formulary is in the middle of buck-nowhere which makes it a 
>>> perfect place to work on your photography 24/7, and Montana is 
>>> gorgeous in the late summer. August 5-10. And did I say that the food 
>>> that Lynn and staff cook is worth the visit?
>>> We will be doing simple gum negs as I have outlined on 
>>> alternativephotography.com, but if you want to bring large format 
>>> negs to work with, that is also fine.
>>> Here is the URL for the workshop:
>>> http://www.workshopsinmt.com/Anderson-GumPrint-Aug.html
>>> An added bonus is I will be researching casein at Eastman House this 
>>> summer (thanks to a grant I received) and decided I might as well 
>>> share my research with you one of the days, so you can compare the 
>>> two processes side by side if you so desire. If not, we'll be gumming 
>>> it up all day every day anyway.
>>> Chris
>>> Christina Z. Anderson
>>> christinaZanderson.com
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