[alt-photo] Re: ziatype

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Tue May 1 07:40:43 GMT 2012

Dear Christina,

Maybe glycerin can help in that regard: I can have full printout (with
pop pd) and a very neural color even at 22C / 30%RH, when I add
glycerin (another strong humectant) to the coating solution. Haven't
noticed any adverse effect so far...

I have AFO from two sources: 1. B&S, 2. Fluka, and both are in semi
opaque / white plastic containers. Those containers probably don't let
UV inside, because I still don't have any problems with the container
from B&S, 6-7 years after purchase, and with the Fluka container too.
(The - very similar material - Fluka container is relatively new, only
1 year...)


2012/5/1 Christina Anderson <zphoto at montana.net>:
> ...
> It seems the fumed silica is another "hygroscopic" ingredient as is the lithium
> pd and the cesium pd, all serving to keep moisture in the layer to make a DOP
> more POP is what I gather from my reading.
> I have some AFO here that I've had a few years. Funny, it is packaged in a
> semi-opaque plastic container...guess it is not that light sensitive...
> ...

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