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Hello Kim:
All I can say is that I'm am just overwhelmed by your glowing comments, and so pleased that you enjoyed the show. I, for one, am so proud of our group. It is truly touching to receive such a warm review from you, Kim. I'm so glad you were able to attend and meet those from our group representing the exhibition.  
To everyone on this forum, let me introduce to you the North Texas Alternative Process Group (NTAPG). We ave been in existence for a little over two years. Our founding members are in alphabetical order: Amy Holmes George, Loli Kantor, Frank Lopez, Kathy Lovas, Brian Magnuson, Rachel Rushing, Susan Sponsler, and myself. It is such an honor to not only be be associated with those, yes, "super talented" colleagues, but with the many new artists joining our group all the time. We meet once a month, usually at a different studio location on a rotation of sorts. We embrace, celebrate, and promote alternative photographic processes. Our desire is to interact, evaluate work, pursue exhibition opportunities, share information, and continually raise the bar of quality in our imagery and vision. Any artist living in the Dallas, Texas area working with alternative processes is welcome to attend our sessions. Simply send a personal message to me at blackburnap at hotmail.com and I will place you on the email reminder list.
One note: Our group does not yet include conventional silver images in our scope.
Thank you again, Kim, for taking the time to write your most kind and gracious words. I do hope someday we can meet, indeed! I, too, echo the same comments as you concerning the many of folks coping with loss as a result of Sandy. They deserve our thoughts and prayers.
Peter J. Blackburn

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> Hi Peter & everyone,
> Congratulations to the North Texas Alternative Process group for a wonderful exhibit at MS State University during the SPE So Central conference last weekend.  I was privileged to attend the presentation by the group which introduced everyone who exhibited, including Peter Blackburn (so now I will know you if I ever meet you).  ;^)
> I met some lovely folks & this is a super talented, excited group!  The show was really striking with the broadness of the media & techniques.  Peter's strong graphic qualities & colors were pure, mouth-watering memories of those childhood treats.  Thank you Peter and all the artists for this traveling show!
> I recommend that anyone associated with a university or college that has support for alternative processes contact them about having this show come for an exhibit.  This will truly introduce the faculty, students, & anyone who sees it to the variety of image-making photo-based techniques that can be used.  Your institution will not be disappointed & I understand these folks are looking for possible venues to exhibit.
> On another note:  As a Katrina survivor (63 miles n of where she roared into our lives in MS), I tried to get to folks prior to the hit & said tons of prayers & sent good thoughts for my friends, family & everyone in harm's way.  Glad to know that friends and family made it through in one piece.  We were without power in outlying areas for 23.5 days, and my studio got power back after 11 days because we were on the hospital grid.  A week would be a blessing, if it will stay up while work is going on.
> Patience & strength will be needed in great measure for a long time to come.  Homes & things are replaceable; people are not.  The area & people will need spirits lifted often, as working through all the red tape to get assistance will be trying & a nightmarish scenario.  God bless them all.
> Kim
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