[alt-photo] Re: Using Canon 6250 for digital negs

John Brewer john at johnbrewerphotography.com
Sat Nov 3 19:34:46 GMT 2012

Hi Henry

You're in the UK right? I have a 1290 I no longer use. It has the roller
removed stopping pizza wheel marks. It's only ever had genuine Epson inks
in it. You're welcome to it if you cover the shipping. I haven't used it
for over a year but it was working fine then. Let me know off list if
you're interested.



On 3 November 2012 14:08, Henry Rattle <henry.rattle at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> Hi Everyone ­ I wonder if anyone can help?
> My Epson 1290 finally died, and for reasons too many to mention I¹m now
> using a Canon MG6250 printer. It makes good normal photo prints, but I
> don¹t
> feel secure starting to use it for digital negatives. I can still use my
> old
> Photoshop CS by booting the Mac into Snow Leopard, but the printing
> controls
> in the Canon driver are much more restricted than the old Epson. Does
> anyone
> have experience of using such a printer with PDN? Any guidance re potential
> pitfalls very welcome!
> Best wishes
> Henry
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