[alt-photo] Newby Caseinate Question and introduction

Ronald Barr ronald.a.barr at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 21:08:53 GMT 2012

Hello all!

I am new to caseinate printing and new to this list! A quick introduction;

My name is Ronald Barr and I live in Santa Barbara CA.  I majored in
photography in college (quite some time ago!) and after working as a press
photographer for a short period of time decided that I preferred fine-arts
photography as a hobby, and make my living in a technical field.

Skipping over a bunch of details: I was a gum printer for a number of
years, but had to give it up for the last four years after moving to Santa
Barbara, but I now have my lab running and made my first caseinate print
(which needs quite a bit of work)

My question:  I made the casein using powerdered milk and ammonium
hydroxide in the usual way.  How long do you think it normally keeps before
it spoils?  It's at room temperature in my garage, which during the
wintertime in Santa Barbara is actually rather warm.  If it does spoil is
there an obvious way to tell?

I've looked through a bunch of the posts without finding this question, so
I do apologize in advance if someone has already taken the trouble to
answer this question.


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