[alt-photo] Re: Anti-reflective glaze

etienne garbaux photographeur at nerdshack.com
Wed Nov 28 18:52:03 GMT 2012

Diana wrote:

>The issue I've found with the museum glass is that once you start 
>framing a piece that's 16x20 or larger, the price just 
>skyrockets.  It makes no sense.

It does, actually.  As you increase the linear dimensions, the area 
(and, hence, the amount of glass you are getting) increases by the 
square of the linear increase, and price tends to track area (amount 
of glass).

To the extent that the price of regular float glass does not exhibit 
this sharp increase in price, it is because you are overpaying for 
small pieces or because the cost of cutting, which does not increase 
by the square of the linear increase, becomes a larger part of the total.

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