[Alt-photo] new member and a question

Bob Cornelis bob at colorfolio.com
Fri Dec 13 19:45:34 UTC 2013

Hello all

Just joined the group and am excited about learning from everyone here! I've owned a custom digital printing lab for the last 15 years (colorfolio.com) but have recently started doing alt process work on my own images - guess I feel need to clear my palette from all the digital-only work I do for others.

I've been doing palladium printing and am starting to venture out into cyanotype and hopefully kallitypes soon.  I'm working from digital negs so that part is relatively familiar for me with my background - but I'm new to all the issues related to chemistry, papers, etc on the backend. Using a nuarcs for uv exposure.

I've been using cot320 so far for my palladium prints and like it a lot but it is hard to find in stock and, of course, expensive. Been following with interest the discussion of Masa paper - my wife is a painter and uses it all the time. A friend who has tried it for pt/pd printing says there are different kinds and he has not had success with them. So I'm curious to find out from those recommending it where they purchased theirs and/or what kind of Masa paper it is. Also, do you print on the smooth or rough side?

Also looking for suggestions for best papers for cyanotype - I've used cot320, rives bfk a little and have crane platinotype on order. Other suggestions?

Bob Cornelis

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