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Christina Anderson christinazanderson at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 19:36:18 UTC 2013

Do NOT throw that paper. You did not size incorrectly. And, even if you did use too little sizing as you may think, you can always use one more coating if desired. However, I think two coatings errs on too much sizing.

Yellowing can definitely be from too much gelatin as Loris says. It can also be from certain hardeners on alkaline paper.

I cannot see my gelatin sizing once it is soaked into the paper. It is very hard to see. I have to actually label which side I size to see it.

Sometimes I can see a bead of glossy gelatin along the edge of the paper.

I do not use two coats of gelatin when I size, only one. Otherwise it can get too slick and flaking can occur, but some do use two coats.

I have also been using Gamblin PVA sizing 1+2 water on Fabriano Artistico Extra White and it does adequately well. That, too, is very hard to see on the paper, although it is easier to feel it. It feels a bit smooth and acrylic-y.


> Since I have already wasted and entire set of Fabriano Artistico that I
> presume I sized incorrectly, I want to make sure this time I do it
> correctly.
> Maybe is something totally unrelated to sizing. Maybe I should harden the
> gelatin before making a comparison.
> I  tried to scan the paper samples (mine and those used as a comparison)
> it's useless. You can only see the paper ridges and valleys, but nothing
> else.
> I have posted however two images on a previous test I did. The only thing
> different between the two tests is the paper. Everything else is the same,
> done on the same day, developed for the same time, etc.
> - http://www.lucianoteghillo.com/images/test01.jpg - This paper was sized by
> someone else.
> - http://www.lucianoteghillo.com/images/test02.jpg - This is the paper I
> sized on a previous batch.
> Feeling frustrated....
> Thanks for any help,
> Luciano
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