[Alt-photo] toning kallitypes

Bob Cornelis bob at colorfolio.com
Sat Dec 21 00:41:15 UTC 2013

I am planning on trying some kallitype printing and am faced for the first time with some decisions about toning. So far I've just been doing palladium printing and have not done any toning. I've read a number of books on the subject but one topic that is hinted at but I haven't seen spelled out is long term care/use of the toner solution you make. 

Is the toner reusable and, if so, for how long and how does one tell if and when it is exhausted? I am interested in either gold or platinum toning and both materials are expensive. So it would be great if I can use the toner solution on a large # of prints. For example, Jill Enfield recommends a mixture of 1 liter distilled water, 5g citric acid and 5ml platinum - any thoughts on how many prints at 8x10 this should tone?

Any advice or suggestions is appreciated!


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