[alt-photo] MAC ADN CS5

jusdado jmjusdado at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 07:34:47 GMT 2013

Hi all and happy new year.
I downloaded te application ADOBE COLOR PRINTER UTILITY in my Mac y
Photoshop CS5 to make digital negatives with PDN method and I wonder if
my workflow is correct:

1. - Load image in Photoshop Cs5
2. - Retouch the image settings, levels, contrast, curves, etc..
3. - Save image-RGB-format PSD, TIFF etc..
4. - Reversing the negative-positive image to Image> Adjust> Invert.
5. - Apply one coat with contrast adjustment curve for the desired
alternative process.
6. - Apply a Layer Screen mode with color density range.
7. - Merge Layers.
8. - Save this negative image in TIFF format.

Now comes my problem:

9. - Printing from Photoshop CS5 with Adobe Color Printer Utility

10. - Close Photoshop CS5.
12. - Open TIFF file and print from Adobe Color Printer Utility.

How would you do: go to step 9 and proceed directly from step 8 to 10.
Thanks for answering.
Sorry for my English text translated by computer.

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