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Sat Jul 6 12:24:36 UTC 2013


You are probably right about not spraying dichromated colloid. However, there is a very safe way to do it. First you brush on just the dichromate. Let it dry. Then spray or airbrush on the pigmented colloid. It's probably still necessary to take precautions and not breathe in any of the pigmented dust, but it's a lot easier to manage than having dichromate flying around.

One really good part of doing it this way is that coating can be very thin, varied in color, and done leisurely. The coated area that will be light sensitive was determined by the brushed on dichromate. This is the way to do very delicate gum or casein, and get multiple colors in one shot.

Shooting nudes in state parks in Tennessee is probably as unwise as bringing a 20x24 camera out into the woods with a 6 thousand dollar lens with a non-removable lens cap.


On Jul 6, 2013, at 1:17 AM, Sandy King <sanking at clemson.edu> wrote:

> Chris,
> Talke what you can get and don't kill  yourself to get it. Dichromate when brushed on or  spread with a roller is a fairly safe way of working. Spraying on a dichromated colloid emulsion with a spray gun or air brush is just plain stupid and dangerous. I looked into this for sensitizing carbon tissue and decided that the risks are just too great. so many ways to f&*k up and you never know which one is coming up next
> Don't do it. You have a better chance of lving a long life by shooting nudes in the state parks in Tennessee.. 
> Sandy

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