[Alt-photo] Re: Inkjet transparencies(microporous) and pigment inks

Denny dspector at charter.net
Tue Jul 16 22:52:23 UTC 2013

I think this probably depends on the transparency material and printer and
printing method.  I find with an Epson 2880 printing onto Pictorico the
negatives are durable with normal handling, but it's possible to scratch
them if I get sloppy.  I've never sealed them.  I get great blocking using
Dan Burkholder's colorized negative system, I don't use pure black ink.

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How well does the ink from pigment printers sink into the coating of these
transparencies?  Is the transparency easily damaged from scratches such that
the pigment may scrape off the surface or is it well sunk in below the
surface? Is there any need to seal the transparencies with whatever?

I am still using dyes but have a requirement for a stronger UV block as some
UV still seems to pass through the photo-black dye. Do the pigments do a
better job of blocking UV?

Peter Friedrichsen

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