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Thank you Marek for sharing.


On Sunday, June 16, 2013, Marek Matusz wrote:

> All Happy Father's day to all alt fathers. I do have a tip for printing on
> Epson printers, mine is 3800, but others might apply. I feel silly for
> "discovering " it only after years of printing. I have been working on
> another set of low color saturation gums (a la Chia) and printing 4
> negatives each. At 11x14 size pictorico was too much in terms of cost so I
> was using Ultrafine Crystal CLear transparency. However some of my
> negatives were coming out in different size. It was curios as some of them
> were just narrower by a quarter of an inch (something that I only
> discovered during printing). Strangely enough the negative was cut off (or
> it's printing was cut off) so that they still matched perfectly, but left a
> stripe of unprinted layer on the paper. Today I came across a negative that
> was about 3/8 inch narrower. I really could not tell what was happening. As
> of some time I was putting a piece of blue painter's tape at the edge of
> transparency (bottom) to make sure that the pr
>  inter will recognize the transparency as paper to feed it. Ultrafine
> transparency comes with a white tape stripe along the long edge of the
> sheet. I was always feeding it at the right edge of the printer (as you are
> looking at the front of it) thinking that that where the sensor is looking
> for an edge of the paper. I guess I was wrong. As soon as I placed the
> white stripe on the left I got a consistent print (just like it would be on
> paper). No need to add another tape edge along the short side. It took me
> so many years to fix this intermittent problem.  The other trick is to
> increase platen gap from a standard setting. I was seeing some stripes on
> the prints (venetian blinds) and as soon as I increased platen gap they
> went away. I think this was mentioned a couple times over the years, but I
> never felt the need to apply that. Anyways I finished 4 sets of negatives
> (4 negatives per print) and printed black layer. A very productive weekend.
> Marek
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