[Alt-photo] Re: Looking for alternative processes workshops inGermany/Europe

Peter Marshall petermarshall at cix.co.uk
Sun Mar 24 22:33:25 UTC 2013

Hi Omer,

Terry King runs courses in London, with a few others helping him:

He's an old friend of mine and has been working with alt processes since 
1977, developing a number of his own variations on them.  I think the 
work on the site gives you a good idea of what he does with a pretty 
wide range of processes.


Peter Marshall

.On 19/03/2013 00:17, Omer Yair wrote:
> Hi,
> I will participating in student exchange program in Germany for the
> Summer semester
> and thought I could use that time to attend alternative processes
> workshops in Europe (since they simply do not exists here in Israel). Is
> any of the members here offers such a workshop in Carbon Transfer,
> Collodion or any
> other intriguing alternative process like Physautotype, Autochrome,
> Lippman, Argentotype, Pt-Pd, Collodion... (or can you recommend a teacher)?
> Though it better be in Germany, I don't mind traveling all over Europe (and
> UK) for a good teacher though the teaching must be in English.
> Regards,
> Omer Yair
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