[Alt-photo] Why bother? <was Re: Re: Process or filter?>

Greg Schmitz coldbay1 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 06:29:55 UTC 2013

Umm, the effects of technology on how we see, what we feel and how we 
behave are undeniable.  I spend my working days trying to preserve film 
and video for future generations.  Digital techniques are the way the 
kool-aide at hand is used.  One of my colleagues recently added an app 
(filter) to his iphone that recreates the Kodachrome film look when 
applied to digital moving image files (optional scratches, fading, dust 
and gate dirt can be selected).  I will again emphasise that I think 
McLuhan and Fiore got it right in the THE MEDIUM IS THE MASSAGE.  But so 
many seem to still be in denial.


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