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trevor at chalkjockeys.com trevor at chalkjockeys.com
Wed Mar 27 09:50:25 UTC 2013

All this talk about technology diluting photography's impact, and I can't
help but wonder how this stuff would work in a batch of gum to make
electronically interactive prints: http://www.adafruit.com/products/1305

> Umm, the effects of technology on how we see, what we feel and how we
> behave are undeniable.  I spend my working days trying to preserve film
> and video for future generations.  Digital techniques are the way the
> kool-aide at hand is used.  One of my colleagues recently added an app
> (filter) to his iphone that recreates the Kodachrome film look when
> applied to digital moving image files (optional scratches, fading, dust
> and gate dirt can be selected).  I will again emphasise that I think
> McLuhan and Fiore got it right in the THE MEDIUM IS THE MASSAGE.  But so
> many seem to still be in denial.
> --greg
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