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Thank you, George...!

On Mar 1, 2013, at 11:33 AM, George L Smyth <glsmyth at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Paul -
> Very cool.  I made a dozen books back in 1995 after returning from the Aran Islands and can certainly appreciate the time involved with this.  I am heading back to the islands this autumn and plan to make Bromoil prints from my negatives, and a book from those.  My hopes are that the book will look as good as what you have presented.
> Cheers -
> george
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>> Thanks so much, Christina...much
>> appreciate your comments!
>> I didn't add any text, but I do love letterpress and that
>> would be ideal for future books. The problem is that I would
>> have to buy a press and spend a year learning all about it
>> ;-) That's just the way I am. Obsessive, I guess...ha ha.
>> The iPhone app I use, Hipstamatic, yields a lower than
>> normal contrast 8-bit image when imported into PS, so a
>> little nudging is necessary if you want to get a print that
>> sings. Of course, you could make a separate curve just for
>> those images, but yikes, who has time to continually
>> reinvent the wheel for each camera, device, etc...
>> The app does all the work, no post processing besides
>> contrast adjustments and burn/dodge. I look at it as a
>> digital Holga/Diana...
>> I love food pics, too...and have a backlog of them. Have fun
>> with that!
>> Going to Freestyle in the morning, hoping to find your book
>> there. Congrats...!
>> Paul
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>> platinum/palladium prints
>>> Paul,
>>> The little book is very precious and how you carefully
>> turn the pages. Did you add words, or are you going to slip
>> in a small paragraph of text to explain the concept? It
>> would be neat if that could be letterpressed or printed in
>> platinum or brown ink. I love the bright red and then warm
>> brown juxtaposition of the starting...pages...or whatever
>> they are called in bookmaking terms. I also understand the
>> concept--have had students do gum or other projects in cell
>> phone pix. I bought Dan Burkholder's book and unfortunately
>> lent it before I could read it and have not gotten it back
>> so now I have to buy it again! I'd love, in fact, to teach a
>> whole class limited to cell phone pix! Also like the
>> blueberry (?) bowl of the other project with your daughter.
>> A goal after finishing the project I am working on is food
>> so food pix always intrigue me, even Stephen Shore's pix of
>> what he ate at diners. Love 'em.
>>> Chris
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