[alt-photo] Re: Christina's Gum Printing Book

Christina Anderson christinazanderson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 15:20:32 GMT 2013

>  I want to say how wonderful it is that the photographers have a
> blurb under their work.  I have never encountered that before and it is
> such a treat to hear from the actual artist.

Thanks, Christine (and Stane Kocar),
Yes, Christine, most might not realize since the text is small, that the captions contain 40,000 words, the text 82,000, so there is about half again as much info about artists in the captions as words in the whole book (if you don't include bibli, index, and such), with many including their working procedures which oftentimes is different than the book! Shows variety in this ever-various field.
Glad you're pleased. 

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