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     I have used COT 320 for over a decade for pt/pd printing (mostly
palladium) and achieve excellent Dmax.  Whoever told you that it doesn't
give good Dmax simply isn't using it correctly.  The only issues I had with
COT 320 were supply issues and those were resolved.  There was one package
a while back that seemed to have streaks but I never saw that before and
have not seen it since so I continue to print with COT 320 with excellent
     Julia Cart and Diana Bloomfield (both on this list) have seen my pt/pd
prints and will, I believe, confirm that I get good Dmax and nice tonal
     The world of pt/pd seems to be divided into two rival camps; the COT
320 and the Arches Platine camps, both of whom claim that their paper is
best for pt/pd printing.  If you are having problems with both of these
highly regarded papers I am sorry to say that you may have a problem with
your procedure and process.  Perhaps you should share your process with one
of the pt/pd gurus (Dick Arentz, Eric Neilsen, and many others) and see if
they can help.  Many of them read this list.


On Sun, Nov 3, 2013 at 9:48 PM, Catherine Costolo <mikes1mom at comcast.net>wrote:

> Hi!
> I have used both Cot 320 and Arches Platine but have not had much success
> with them. Also I was told that Cot 320 does not give good dmax.
> Any suggestions for a paper I might try? Has anyone tried the Revere paper
> from Legion?
> Thanks.
> Catherine
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