[Alt-photo] Re: Alt-pro chems through Airport Checked bags

Ken Sinclair photo1 at telusplanet.net
Sat Nov 16 04:33:14 UTC 2013


I had a similar problem about a year ago.

To 'solve' the problem, I made everything up again… 'fresh"… but when adding the silver nitrate
solution I really slowed down the addition of the silver nitrate to about one drop every 10 to 12 
seconds while stirring continuously with a glass rod. It would be much simpler with a magnetic
stirring device and a burette… Maybe one of these days…..

Got pretty boring but it worked well enough.


On 2013-11-14, at 10:54 AM, J. Jason Lazarus <jason at lucidperceptions.com> wrote:

> All -
> I've tried two different brands  Both the bullet grain scale and the graduated cylinders are
> things I've added on the third attempt to mix this correctly.

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