[Alt-photo] Re: Back to gum after 4 years' break and terrified!!

Don donsbryant at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 13:01:23 UTC 2013


wondering in particular about my old chemicals...is my pot. dichromate 
solution still good? 


Do I need to wear a hazmat suit when opening it in 
case it explodes??

You probably want to wear a disposable dust mask like the kind made by 3M
and available at most any hardware, paint, or home improvement store.
I have a couple of other questions that I'll put in separate messages by 
subject. This is mainly just a re-introduction or introduction for those 
who signed on while I was away. I had gotten as far as producing a few 
tri-color gums - for example this one: 
http://lauraval.com/sensual/atticseated.html - with a lot of help from 
this group! As some of you may recall, I'm up here in an alt-process 
vacuum (Iceland) so it's really appreciated to be able come here for the 
occasional reality check and also to see your work.

Good to be back!

There are so many ways to nirvana with gum and tri-color gum. To restart it
maybe easier to start practice again with a single color gum and learn the
nuisances of the process to get back in the grove and then move on to
tri-color again.

Your web examples look pretty good. The big key is that 'Practice make

Good luck,

Don Bryant

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