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Re: Sorry to ask again but...

I see two primary advantages of fluid mounting. One is the elimination of Newton rings, which can be a problems with some films (TMAX-100 for example) even when scanning emulsion down on glass. Another is an increase in micro-contrast. It is the increase in micro-contrast that appears to give more apparent sharpness.


Thanks for all the info Sandy, which makes a lot of sense...But now I wonder, if the focus is so good (as with the tintype, etc.) why the oil? Is that only about Newton rings? If so, honestly, that poof with cornstarch is a piece of (so to speak) cake.

PS. I'll clip that article from the Times, Sandy, and mail it if you don't find it. I think it's not nice, however-- I recall "lawsuit" in the headline.

I'd totally forgotten Carmen with the scanner, Don -- you are a phenomenon! That portrait might have been somewhat soft, and maybe even out of kilter... but, it was several inches distant and probably not a high end instrument (which is to say, just enough "effect" for "art").