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Re: Platinotype woes and now papers for pt/pd

> If I am not mistaken, there is Crane's natural white extra white, and then
> a
> buff, correct?  Anyway, the NATURAL white is fine.  I would be surprised
> if
> B and S would carry a paper that was not suitable for pt/pd printing so
> either Cranes fixed the problem, or it isn't the extra white.

The lady I talked to from B&S said that they will be testing their new
batch for pt/pd printing before sending it out, so I'm assuming whatever
they're selling works...?

B&S only sells the natural white and white, no extra white.

> Camden, I am biting the bullet and buying Cot 320.  When you waste days
> figuring out bleeding issues, spending $5 or $6 on a piece of paper PALES
> by
> comparison :)

I saw some beautiful Dick Arentz prints on platinotype natural at the
workshops, and there was also a student making nice prints on it.  So it
would seem that Crane has fixed whatever the problem was, or stopped
making the bad stuff.

> However, I personally like Platine and how it handles, which is why I keep
> working with it, assuming my practice is at fault and not the paper...and
> was able to get some beautiful prints yesterday with all the list's help
> on
> humidity, Everclear, sodium citrate, lucky underwear...but it is tricky,
> because if the paper is too damp, the print tends toward dull gray and so
> it
> has to be just right.

I too like Platine.  And I've been lucky enough not to have had any
problems with it hehe (although I may have just cursed myself).

> I'm tellin' ya, gum is a piece of CAKE compared to this!  But when you get
> a
> beautiful print it is well worth it. Makes me really want to go out and
> buy
> a real humidifier for the room--MT will never be above 40% humidity.

I wouldn't say that gum's any easier.  It's just a matter of getting used
to the myriad things that can go wrong in either of the processes.

I wouldn't worry about a real humidifier...our little makeshift chamber
was rocking 60% +-5% for 2 weeks straight.  It was just a drying rack
wrapped in plastic with a tray of water at the bottom.

>> Chris just informed me that she's heard the white Platinotype doesn't
>> work
>> very well, and the natural finish is the way to go.  Do the pd masters
>> out
>> there agree or disagree?  Should I change my order before they send it
>> out?  I'm fairly indifferent about natural vs. white, as they both would
>> work for this series.
>> I've worked with Cot320, and really like it, but not Platinotype.  I
>> decided not to go with Cot320 primarily because it's twice as expensive,
>> and I'll be needing a lot of it (on a poor college student's budget).
>> Is
>> the Cot320 really worth the extra money?  Should I bit the bullet?

Camden Hardy