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RE: Call for Entries

I didn't have such a hard time in understanding "The Call". I guess its the
advantage of having English as a secondary language - to me, every English
sentence is equally hard to understand (most of the time, that is). Probably
the fact that it's very easy to make extremely long and complex sentences in
my everyday language - which incorporates words imported from at least three
different foreign languages - was another advantage... Of course, I also
acknowledge that there is another possibility which is; I may have
completely missed the nuances causing the argument!


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I appreciate that the call for entry was posted.  I think that is very
appropriate for this group to hear of such things.  Obviously it is quite a
diverse group and one could expect a diverse range of reactions to a call
for entry, gum staining, pyro or a variety of topics.  That's what makes the
group so interesting-diverse points of view and a great range in knowledge
and experience.

I may respond to The Call, but I am waiting for a translation to be sent to
me by Terry King. 

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	Greetings, All,
	    Quite the surprise in the reactions generated by the call!