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RE: pt/pd mounting

AFAIK, polyurethane wood finish (like Hydrocote) is impermeable to air and
water. If one coats both the front and the back of the print with
polyurethane that should protect the print very successfully (at least in
theory). I remember Ryuji had offered me his time by doing a peroxide
fading(?) test if I send him a couple of samples (polyurethane coated
Vandyke). Well if he's still interested I'm willing to send him few samples
(one coated on the front only, the other both sides and an uncoated control


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The process is subjected to a variety of pH environments and different
practitioners will use different clearing bath and what not affecting the pH
of the paper. I doubt any one has studied the new sprays meant for ink jet
prints on the longevity of PT/PD prints. If the air is what carries the
sulfur, than eliminating contact with the air seems like a place to start.
Or will the sulfur migrate through the protective surface?