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RE: pt/pd mounting > not gum related


That's what I figured, but I wanted to make sure I hadn't drifted off into
a dillusional dream world.

I'm rather attracted to the idea of cracked coatings; does anyone know of
any methods of accelerating this with polyurethane?  Or perhaps another
(at least somewhat archival) substance that will crack under heat/etc.?

Chris (if you're listening), do the varnishes in your Alt Processes crack
fairly easily?

Camden Hardy


On Tue, September 12, 2006 9:19 am, Gawain Weaver wrote:
> Camden, this is all theoretical since I have never seen any 50 or 100 year
> old polyurethane-coated pt prints. But I don't think a polyurethane
> coating
> will degrade the platinum print any faster. My concern is with the fact
> that
> the coating cannot be removed, so any damage or deterioration to the print
> or the coating or the adhesion of the coating to the print will be nearly
> impossible to fix. In contrast, a stained or torn pt print can generally
> be
> repaired very satisfactorily. It's impossible to know what kind of damage
> would happen first. If nothing accidental occurs, then I imagine it would
> be
> some kind of cracking/peeling/delaminating/discoloration. Applying a
> difficult to remove coating or laminate to a piece of paper in the name of
> protection has been done many times over the past 60 or more years in the
> archival world. And to my knowledge it has always turned out badly in the
> end. Granted, no one has used polyurethane. But I have no reason to
> suspect
> it would be any better in the end.
> Gawain Weaver
> Gawain, you mentioned that from a conservation standpoint polyurethane is
> a nightmare.  Could you elaborate on that a bit?  Will it degrade the
> print faster, or is it simply a matter of cracking/peeling?
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